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Alpha Boat Unlimited - A Division of Barber Welding Inc.
Alpha Boats Unlimited, a worldwide manufacturer of Water Management Equipment, is located in Central New York. Based on a 30,000 sq. ft. facility, our staff combines long standing experience in design and construction of our products. Alpha offers well-rounded product lines for the care, treatment, conservation and maintenance of inland and coastal waterways. These include aquatic weed harvesters, marina cleaners, trash and debris skimmer boats, multi-purpose Hydro-Mate, transport and work barges, dredges, crane and work boats, as well as all support equipment. We also provide reconditioning, upgrades, service, repairs and spare parts for an assortment of Aquatic Equipment. Alpha offers a variety of equipment to suit your specific water maintenance needs.
Weed Harvester Equipment - Trash Skimmer
 Management Boat
Aquatic Weed Harvesters
Trash Skimmers
Water Management Boats
Weed Harvester Equipment - Shore Conveyor
Weed Harvester Equipment - Pier Conveyor
Shore Conveyors
Pier Conveyors
Weed Harvester Equipment - Transport Shuttle
Weed Harvester Equipment - Work Boat
Weed Harvester Equipment - Transport Trailer
Transport Shuttles
Heavy Duty Work Boats
Transport Trailers
  Alpha Boats Unlimited - A Division of Barber Welding Inc. Phone: 315/834-6645
  2517 State Route 31 FAX: 315/834-6045
  Weedsport, NY 13166 USA

A worldwide manufacturer of aquatic weed harvesters and other types of water management equipment.