AlphaBoats Unlimited
Aquatic Weed Harvesting and Waterway Debris Management

FX6 & FX7 Series Waterweed Harvesters
The FX6 & FX7 series is a larger version of the FX-4 and FX-5 thus allowing some design changes. The same strategy of the smaller models applies to the low center of gravity for safety and stability. The weeds are still compressed to put the weight toward the center of the boat. Engine, fuel and hydraulic tanks remain mounted low to the deck to keep the center of gravity low. However, the wider width of these models allows for a little rise in the center of gravity. Because visibility of the larger harvester is needed, the driving console is located above the storage hopper. The increased weight capacity requires more horsepower and larger paddle wheels. This builds up more momentum in the paddle wheels, therefore we now use heavy-duty gearboxes and a separate hydraulic motor to propel the paddle wheels. There is more room to walk on this larger size boat.
Standard Features
  • A Complete Hydraulic System for all harvesting, load handling, and propulsion functions, with variable speed control at the operator's finger tips
  • Diesel Engine/Hydraulic Power Unit, with heavy-duty battery under a lift-up hood.
  • Lockable hydraulic oil and diesel fuel tanks, hydraulic directional valves, filtration.
  • Operator's platform with a seat and console with engine controls and monitoring system including warning lights, tachometer & hour meter, and hydraulic controls with pressure gauge.
  • Conveyor belt system made of heavy-duty open mesh galvanized steel supported by UHMD plastic tracks and interchangeable floors.
  • Harvesting head with adjustable depth setting, as well as swing back impact relief.
  • Storage Conveyor with load indexing and height adjustable discharge.
  • “Hydro-dynamically” shaped hulls, including multiple compartments, inner ribbing, tie and lift cleats, drains & vents, anti-skid deck, and bottom skids.
  • Two independent, bi-directional, hydraulically driven Paddle Wheels with variable speed controls.
  • Paddle Wheel tilt-up system for road transport (on FX Models).
  • Railings & guards.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Marine coating, following sandblast preparation, included priming and finishing coats. 
  • Standard colors are orange with blue accents.
  • Fire extinguishers and Life jacket.
  • Operators manual, parts catalog, and one year warranty.
Available Options
  • Stainless Steel Hull
  • Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt (on harvesting head only)
  • Cleats on Front Conveyor Belt
  • Alternate Engine Choice
  • Working Lights
  • Sun/Rain Roof
  • Operators Cab (not on all models)
  • Air Conditioner/Heater (not on all models)
  • Alternate Paint Color
  • Machine Wash-Down System
  • Trash Collecting Package
  • Hydraulically Powered Spud Anchors
  • Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Outlets, (1/2” Standard)
  • Spare Parts Packages (Std. & Extended)
  • Tool Kit & Box