AlphaBoats Unlimited
Aquatic Weed Harvesting and Waterway Debris Management

AlphaBoats TS Series Transport Barges

TS-18 AND TS-21 AlphaBoats TS-18 Transport Barge Video
TS-14 AlphaBoats TS-14 Transport Barge Video

The “Hydro-Shuttle” is the ideal go – between for off loading weeds, trash and debris from harvesters or marina cleaners / trash skimmers.

  • Aquatic Weed, Trash and Debris Removal Transfer from water to shore
  • Self Loading and Unloading Supply and Support Vessel
  • Heavy Duty Hull with Reinforced Bow and Stern, Bottom Skids, Rib Formed Sides, Inner Ribbing, and Bulk Heads
  • Made to Work in Harmony with all Alpha Boats Harvesters , Trash Skimmers, Marina Cleaners and Hydro Mates
  • Adaption’s to all other Makes of Harvesters and Skimmer Boats Available as Factory Customization
  • Control Bridge with 360 Degree Visibility
  • Fingertip Hydraulic Controls
  • Independent Twin Propulsion Controls and Gauges
  • Hydraulic Steering Helm
  • Stainless steel Hydraulic Tubes and Fasteners
  • Feed Through Heavy Duty Moving Conveyor Mesh Floor (Stern to Bow)
  • Hydraulic Conveyor Drives
  • Articulating discharge Conveyor
  • Optional “Spud Anchors”, Cab and Sunroof