AlphaBoats Unlimited
Aquatic Weed Harvesting and Waterway Debris Management

AlphaBoats Aquatic (Water Weed) Harvester FX-7The AlphaBoats FX-7 Series Aquatic Weed HarvesterThe AlphaBoats FX-7 Series Aquatic Weed Harvester Specifications
Alpha Boats Aquatic Water Weed Harvesters Standard Features

  • A Complete Hydraulic System for all harvesting, load handling, and propulsion functions, with variable speed control at the operator’s finger tips
  • Diesel Engine/Hydraulic Power Unit, with heavy duty battery under a lift-up hood..
  • Lockable hydraulic oil and diesel fuel tanks, hydraulic directional valves, filtration.
  • Operator’s platform with a seat and console with engine controls and monitoring system including warning lights, tachometer & hour meter, and hydraulic controls with pressure gauge.
  • Conveyor belt system made of heavy duty open mesh galvanized steel supported by UHMD plastic tracks and interchangeable floors.
  • Harvesting head with adjustable depth setting, as well as swing back impact relief.
  • Storage Conveyor with load indexing and height adjustable discharge.
  • “Hydro-dynamically” shaped hulls, including multiple compartments, inner ribbing, tie and lift cleats, drains & vents, anti-skid deck, and bottom skids.
  • Two independent, bi-directional, hydraulically driven Paddle Wheels with variable speed controls.
  • Paddle Wheel tilt-up system for road transport (on FX Models).
  • Railings & guards.
  • Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Marine coating, following sandblast preparation, included priming and finishing coats.  Standard colors are orange with blue accents.
  • Fire extinguishers and Life jacket.
  • Operators  manual, parts catalog, and one year warranty.


Available Options

  • Stainless Steel Hull
  • Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt (on harvesting head only)
  • Cleats on Front Conveyor Belt
  • Alternate Engine Choice
  • Working Lights
  • Sun/Rain Roof
  • Operators Cab (not on all models)
  • Air Conditioner/Heater (not on all models)
  • Alternate Paint Color
  • Machine Wash-Down System
  • Trash Collecting Package
  • Hydraulically Powered Spud Anchors
  • Hydraulic Quick Disconnect Outlets, (1/2” Standard)
  • Spare Parts Packages (Std. & Extended)
  • Tool Kit & Box