AlphaBoats Unlimited
Aquatic Weed Harvesting and Waterway Debris Management

Shore Conveyors
Shore Conveyors are designed to provide the ability to offload aquatic weeds or trash when the boat is full. These conveyors are designed specifically for applications where the shore is the desired access point for offloading.
AlphaBoats conveyors provide high-speed load transfer to the shore in 1-2 minutes
  • Lengths Available from 30’0″ to 36’0″ Imperial / 9,15 to 10,98 Metric
  • Hydraulic Power Lift
  • Adjustable Ground Pads
  • Fold Back Draw Bar
  • Balancing Pontoon Allows Positioning in Deep or Shallow Shorelines
  • Hydraulic Safety Locks
  • Galvanized Steel Belting and Nylatron Wear Strips
  • Power Pack Built-in or Portable Designed for Multiple Functions
  • Models Available for All makes of Aquatic Harvester, Transport Barges and Trash/Debris Skimmers
Available Options
  • Stainless Steel Belting Available as an Option

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