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Aquatic Weed Harvesting and Waterway Debris Management

Transfer Barges
Most weed harvesting is not always near the offloading point on your waterway. Logistics typically include the necessity to be near a highway to move the harvested weeds to a vehicle for disposal or recycling. The “Hydro-Shuttle” Transport Barge is the ideal go-between for offloading weeds, trash, and debris from harvesters or marina cleaners/trash skimmers. While at the worksite the Transport Barge can accept cargo from the harvester, marina cleaner, or trash skimmer allowing the workboat to get back to work rather than shuttling its cargo to the offloading site. Alphaboats Transport Barges are made to work in harmony with all Alphaboats Harvesters, Trash Skimmers, Marina Cleaners, and Hydro Mates
Transfer Barges provide aquatic weed, trash and debris transfer from workboats to shore
  • Self Loading and Unloading Supply and Support Vessel
  • Heavy Duty Hull with Reinforced Bow and Stern, Bottom Skids, Rib Formed Sides, Inner Ribbing, and Bulk Heads
  • Control Bridge with 360 Degree Visibility
  • Fingertip Hydraulic Controls
  • Independent Twin Propulsion Controls and Gauges
  • Hydraulic Steering Helm
  • Stainless steel Hydraulic Tubes and Fasteners
  • Feed Through Heavy Duty Moving Conveyor Mesh Floor (Stern to Bow)
  • Hydraulic Conveyor Drives
  • Articulating discharge Conveyor
Available Options
  • Adaption’s to all other Makes of Harvesters and Skimmer Boats Available as Factory Customization
  • Optional “Spud Anchors”, Cab and Sunroof

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