AlphaBoats Unlimited
Aquatic Weed Harvesting and Waterway Debris Management

Alpha Boats Unlimited Skimmer Design Philosophy

Alpha Boats Unlimited believed there must be a better way to pick up floating trash and debris than has been done in the past 20 years. Skimmers were basically redesigned weed harvesters.  This thought is what started the new creative thinking.  The result was innovative.  The main patented Alpha Boats design highlights are, putting the necessary weight in the rear of the boat (engine, prop drives, hydraulic tank, fuel tank, ect.) allowed for a longer further-reaching skimming head. This design is a much-wanted improvement allowing skimming for debris closer in shallower water.  Mainly debris seems to get blown to the shoreline making it difficult to retrieve. The closer one can get to the debris the easier the debris is to retrieve.

               The second good design resulted in debris being loaded on to the boat from the front and also being discharged off the front of the boat.  This design allows the driver to stay forward-looking during skimming and docking to a conveyor for unloading (backing up while trying to dock to a conveyor with waves and wind is much more difficult. This Alpha Boats design generally results in less damage to equipment.

               The third and also patented design incorporates a fishing line cutter.  This cutter cuts monofilament type fishing line that wraps around the prop shaft. Fishing line and other items have a tendency of wrapping up around a prop shaft and then damaging the oil seal.  Once the oil seal is damaged, the leaking of oil is usually the result.  This then creates pollution of the waterway and damaging expensive parts of the prop drive system.

AlphaBoats has created a survey that is designed to be completed then sent to our sales consultants who can recommend the boat right for your needs. This survey is designed for those needing marine cleaning or trash and debris removal. Get the harvester survey by clicking the button below. Download (save) the survey to your device. From your device complete the survey by filling in the shaded areas in the survey if the particular question is appropriate. Once finished you can click the button on the last page of the survey to send it to our sales staff. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
If the survey questionnaire is two involved or not appropriate for you at this time, please complete the "Contact Us For More Information" area below and we will follow up as soon as possible.